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Andropogon gerardii

“Large stature” is one way to describe this grass. Bunches of big bluestem stand at an impressive 4-8 feet tall, making this a perfect ornamental grass for making a big statement. Blue-green in the warmer months and a beautiful russet brown in the fall and winter ensure that a clumping of this grass will draw attention through every season.


Besides being a visually engaging plant, big bluestem holds its own ecologically as well. As with other structure grasses, it provides habitat and cover for small mammals and birds, is the larval host for the Delaware Skipper and Dusted Skipper, and is considered highly deer resistant.


Big bluestem can be a bit pushy in a garden space, so plant in an area where you don’t mind some spread, or plan on keeping it in check with some dividing.



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Andropogon gerardii (Big bluestem)

  • details

    SIZE: 1/2 quart pot
    type: grass
    sun needs: Full sun to part sun
    water needs: average to wet
    height: 4-6'
    plant spacing: 2'
    bloom time: June-September
    bloom color: orange
  • good plant companions

    Asclepias tuberosa, Aster novae-angliae, Liatris , Rudbeckia hirta or Schizachyrium scoparium

  • special notes

    salt tolerant. Some salt exposure should not be fatal to the plant but some leaf burning may still occur.
    deer resistant (please note that does not mean deer proof)