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Garden Design

Gardens can be as varied as the ones who plant them, from manicured and trim to wild and free. While we aren't designers, we have found a variety of resources to help you design the native plant garden of your dreams!

Want to optimize the ecological balance of your landscape? Have us out for a consultation to help guide you in plant choices. Want to know what plants to keep, what to remove, and what you might like to add? Open to those that live within 30 miles from Norwell or Foxborough.

A national organization dedicated to getting more native plants in our landscape has developed regional planting plans. The designs were created with the premise that using native plants in landscaping can be beautiful, promote wildlife, and be achievable for gardeners of all skillsets in terms of scope and budget.

Boston Area Designers/Landscapers

Click on the tabs above to view contacts for your location. Note that some of these landscape professionals are duplicate in areas as they will travel.


We do not have an affiliation with these designers and landscapers but they all either solely use or mostly focus on native plants...and we are fans. If you are a landscape professional that focuses on native plants please connect with us.

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