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Welcome! If you are a landscaper or landscape designer please visit this page to fill out our wholesale application. After approval, we will apply a 15% discount to your wholesale orders.


New for 2023: Please read about the ordering process and wholesale terms and conditions below.

If you are a non-profit and seeking information about potential non-profit discounts please visit this page instead.


Wholesale Ordering Process

1) Once approved, wholesale buyers can shop the website or visit our inventory spreadsheet, which is updated with our current plant inventory every Monday (May-October only)..


2) Wholesale buyers can send in their plant order by filling out the inventory spreadsheet and emailing it to us at


3) Once we receive the wholesale request, we will email you a price quote and note if anything is out of stock. If the price quote is accepted it will become an invoice.


4) When the invoice is paid it turns into an order and only then can species numbers be guaranteed. Payment is due within one week of accepting a price quote.

5) We will send you an email when your plants are ready for pick up and we kindly ask that you pick up your order within 2 weeks.

Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Minimum order

Wholesale customers are given a 15% discount with the expectation that there will minimum yearly purchases of roughly $1000 or more.


Wholesale orders need to be picked up within two weeks of fulfillment notice. We cannot hold plants for extended periods.

Grow to order

Generally we cannot grow to order however if you are looking for particular species let us know and we can add them to our customer wish list.

Special orders

If you are looking for a large quantity of plants we do not carry: we can bring in plants from one of our growers but there may be a minimum purchase requirement. Please note we can only bring in native plants and generally won't bring in cultivars.


Inventory spreadsheet, updated every Monday from May-October. Sorry, no pre-orders.

Purchaser pick-up

If someone other than the purchaser picks up the plants they agree to accept responsibity for the plants received. Refunds will not be given based on purchaser satisfaction if purchaser is not there to pick up the plants themselves.

Client visit

Wholesale customers' clients are welcome to visit during normal retail hours. Please accompany your clients if they need help selecting plants for a large scale project. The 15% discount can only be applied to orders paid for by the approved wholesale customer.

wholesale terms
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