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January, 2023: Workshops!

February, 2023: Winter interest in the garden and our C.S.A.

March, 2023: Meet our wonderful employees! Plus garden design and plant updates.

April, 2023: Growing updates and veggies. Getting ready for opening.

May, early, 2023: Soil, bokashi composting, and Mother's day.

May, late, 2023: What's in bloom at Blue Stem.

June, early, 2023: Sustainability at Blue Stem.

June, late, 2023: Monarchs, shrubs, and giveaways.

Early July, 2023: Shrub sale and "Mini-Guide to Gardening for Monarchs".

Late July, 2023: Pollinators + Plants.

August, 2023: Great organizations + Gardening in dry soil with native plants.

Early September, 2023: End-of summer updates, new species and fun giveaways.

Late September, 2023: On-the-road and berries for birds

October, 2023: Thank you discounts and seed updates

November, 2023: Winter events in-person and online



Spring 2022: Looking for something to plant but not sure where to start? What to plant...

Late spring, 2022: A giveaway, trading post, and Blue Stem updates

Late spring, 2022: Gardening for life and plant spotlight

Early summer, 2022: WHY native plants and all about rain barrels

Summer, 2022: Big Blue Stem News + garden kits

Late summer, 2022: Celebrating Wild Ones, seeds, and more.

Early fall, 2022: Top ten fall gardening chores and great discounts

Fall, 2022: Seeds and sowing resource

Early winter, 2022: Greenhouse updates and gift cards



Spring, 2021: Our first newsletter! Blue Stem Natives updates

Summer, 2021: Updates, additional hours and great new plants and items!

Early Fall, 2021: Thank you so much for all of your support this year!

Late Fall, 2021: Tips for your garden in the fall, seeds sales. Plus favorite online presentations including information on winter sowing. 

Winter, 2021: Greenhouse update, news, and new species (spoiler, we went a little overboard).

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