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Workshops, hands-on

Prepare to get your hands dirty with the ladies from Blue Stem Natives. From sowing seeds to garden design, we have plenty of options to keep you busy. Book individually or with a friend below!

(If your group or club is interested in booking a workshop, the fee starts at $400 and is limited to 10-20 participants depending on the event. Email for scheduling

a pair of hands holding a sprig of evergreen and berries, making a wreath

Upcoming workshops


Winter Sowing Native Seeds​

Our second annual winter seed sowing workshops.
Thursday, December 7, 1pm (postponed due to cold temps)
Saturday, December 9, 11am

Thursday, December 14, 1pm


Cost: $30 per person

To-take home: A completed milk jug with seeds

Location: Blue Stem Natives (376 Washington St.)

Past workshops

JULY, 2023
Native Plant Container Garden​

Did you know that many native plants can grow very happily together in a container? Gather with us to build a beautiful little habitat to bring home. We’ll chat a bit about spacing, structure, watering, and organizing plants to make it not only a great mini-habitat but pleasing to our eyes as well. We will send you on your way around Blue Stem to find the best plants for your container…we’ll be there to help. Lastly, you will plant your native plant container garden and then bring it home to water and enjoy!

Date: Wednesday, July 26, 2023 @5pm OR Saturday, July 29, 2023 @10am
Length: Whatever you make of it! We’ll chat containers for ten minutes and then send you to pick out the best plants before you pot them up.

Cost: $36 per person


Seed Saving Presentation

Thursday, September 14, 6pm-7pm

Join us for an in-person presentation on the "what, where, when, whys, and hows" of saving native seed. Native seeds spread through different methods be it wind, water, gravity, animal, etc. We'll talk about these methods and how to recognize when those seeds are ready to harvest and how to do it easily so that you don't have milkweed fluff floating past you in your dining room while you eat (ask us how we know). Once seeds are collected there are many crafty ways to clean them from their chaff and just as many ways to store them to prepare for future germination. We'll answer all of your pressing "seed saving" questions. All attendees are welcome to take 10% off of all purchases on this day.

Cost: $20 per person

Location: Blue Stem Natives (376 Washington St.)


Native Plant Garden Design 101​

WAITLIST/February 26, 1pm-3pm

Cost: $90

To-take home: the beginning of a garden plan!

Location: Blue Stem Natives

Presenter: Marie Chieppo,

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