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Frequently Asked Questions

Find frequently asked questions below. Please note there is also a search function:

  • Native plants should be easy to learn about and find to purchase.
    One of our driving factors in deciding to open this nursery was the difficulties we found trying to source wild type native plants for our Wild Ones chapter plant sale. Previously, most of these plants were only available through wholesale growers, requiring large volume orders and serious advanced planning, both out of reach for the average home grower. There is much to learn about how using native plants in our landscapes can make a tangible difference in our world, and we look forward to being a partner in growing gardens all over New England.
  • Soil and growing mediums should not contain peat.
    The growing medium we use for all of our plants does not contain any peat. Peat bogs are the largest natural area of sequestered carbon in the world. These bogs hold twice as much carbon than all of the forests put together! Harvesting of peat releases carbon and depletes the bogs, contributing greatly to climate change. Peat moss takes thousands of years to be produced by nature and is therefore not sustainable in a nursery setting. We use Organic Mechanics soil to grow our own plants, using coconut coir and rice hulls as a peat replacement. (We do bring in plants from other growers as well. They use mindful growing practices but are not necessarily peat-free). We also carry Organic Mechanics products for purchase.
  • Pesticides and synthetic fertilizers should have no place in our gardens.
    We absolutely avoid synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The traditional nursery trade is rife with chemicals. For the environment, wildlife, and for people, we will not use these. When our plants need a little help while growing in their limited containers we turn to Neptune's Harvest organic seaweed fertilizer.
  • It is possible for nurseries to be successful and reduce reliance on single use plastic.
    We source our pots carefully, considering different criteria. Some of the criteria we look at: made from post-consumer materials, recycled, reusable, compostable. You can find more information about our pots here. We strive to avoid single-use plastics as much as possible. We will also gladly welcome back and reuse any of our pots when you are done with them.
  • We source our seed only from reputable sources, and as locally as possible."
    We source our seed only from reputable sources, and as locally as possible. We occasionally buy plugs (essentially hardy seedlings) from a wholesale nursery. We pot these plugs up into large pots and grow them out so they will be ready for your projects quicker. The plug growers also do not use any neonicotinoids or pesticides.
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