Wooden Surface

Picea rubens

Well suited to the moist, cool climate of the Northeast, red cedar is a beautifully shaped conifer that reaches 70-100 feet in height and 30-40 feet wide.


A highly desirable native tree for supporting wildlife, the Red Spruce provides a nesting site for birds along with its impressive usage as food for all kinds of wildlife. You can distinguish the Red Spruce from others by the reddish color of its bark.


Red Spruce is an important timber product, and has a rich history of usage by native peoples and European settlers, from ornamental to practical and medicinal purposes.


ECO-TYPE: grown from seed likely collected in New Hampshire. Started by New Hampshire State Forest Nursery.


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Picea rubens (Red spruce)

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  • details

    SIZE: 2 gallon pot
    type: tree
    sun needs: full sun, part sun/part shade, shade
    water needs: Moist to average soil
    height: 70'
    plant spacing: Space 8-15 feet apart for naturalizing and windbreaks; To allow full growth, space 15 to 30 feet apart.
    bloom time: April
    bloom color: red, yellow
  • special notes

    Very valuable as nesting sites for birds
    deer resistant (please note that does not mean deer proof)