Wooden Surface

Dryopteris goldieana

This giant beauty will make quite the statement in a woodland garden. One of the largest native ferns, the giant wood fern will bring light green texture with its upright deciduous fronds.


This fern tolerates part shade but prefers full shade and average, humus-rich soil.

Dryopteris goldieana (Goldie's wood fern)

  • details

    SIZE AND POT INFORMATION: More details coming in May
    type: fern
    sun needs: part sun/part shade, shade
    water needs: average to moist soil
    height: 3'-5'
    plant spacing: 3' distance
  • good plant companions

    Wild geranium, fringed loosestrife, bee balm, sweet Joe-pye weed

  • special notes

    deer resistant (please note that does not mean deer proof)



Opening in May

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times coming soon.


Norwell, Massachusetts

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