Wooden Surface

Delightfully fast and adorable, hummingbirds join the insects in being prolific pollinators. You too can welcome these fascinating creatures into your yard with flowering plants and by avoiding pesticides.


Made of a composite aluminum and polyethylene, and printed with a hard-cured ink, this durable sign will last for years outside and in the weather. It will look fine on a stake, on the shed or on the barn.


These garden signs are designed to engage your neighbors and increase attention toward the health, vitality and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.


Mounting holes and two screws are provided. Wood stake optional. You can choose a stake when you pick up the sign.


All Pollinators Welcome Here - garden sign

  • details

    SIZE: 9 in. diameter

    MATERIAL: Aluminum sign panel, screws included

    OPTIONAL: Wood Stake (not mounted)

    PRINTED in Portland, Oregon