Wooden Surface

Monarchs are both beautiful and discerning insects—that is, they are particular to lay their eggs on Asclepias syriaca, or Common Milkweed. And the butterfly larvae dine solely on the milkweed foliage, growing, and eventually making their chrysalis on the plant's branches. This is where they will transform into the orange and rusty-red butterflies that we know and love. But they are in danger—Monarchs need more habitat to lay their eggs, more flowering plants to feed on nectar, and less pesticides that make them sick. Milkweed for Monarchs is a sign that aims to help identify this vital plant, and mark it with purpose, to spare it from cutting or pesticide application.


Made of a composite aluminum and polyethylene, and printed with a hard-cured ink, this durable sign will last for years outside and in the weather. It will look fine on a stake, on the shed or on the barn.


Mounting holes and two screws are provided. Wood stake optional. You can choose a stake when you pick up the sign.

Milkweed for Monarchs - garden sign

  • details

    SIZE: 9 in. diameter

    MATERIAL: Aluminum sign panel, screws included

    OPTIONAL: Wood Stake (not mounted)

    PRINTED in Portland, Oregon