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Native plants, pollinators, and art...what could be better. This coloring book is for kids and adults alike.


Coloring books are created by Daisy Hebb, of Green Blossom Painting, out of Cambridge, MA.


From Daisy: "The coloring book consists of 12 images (pages) and are the light outlines of the same plants and pollinators which are represented in Natives & their Pollinators Series. It's appropriate for the average 6 yr old to adult, each making it as fantastical or factual as they'd like.  

The 12 pages, plus front and back covers, are printed on 8.5x11 inch, heavier weight paper with a slightly rough surface, good for colored pencils, pens, and markers. If you work fast and don't let it get too wet, the paper will support paints and watercolors as well, though it's not officially watercolor paper. The spiral binding is nice because you end up with a book of your art!  

While not perfectly synced with the seasons, the coloring book still lends itself to the foundation of a basic nature journal. It's more robust than the average printer paper and pages are easy to flip, so easy to toss into a backpack. With just the species names, there's room around the primary image for your own notes, sketches, and seasonal observations . It'd be an easy place to jot down the first snow of the year, the first day the hummingbirds made it back, how many monarchs you saw each month, the actual date of the last frost, and so forth. Everyone's location and aspect is a little different so it's nice to have a personal record jotted down somewhere - or a little graphic recollection."


Photos are from Daisy.

coloring book: 12 Native Plants and their Pollinators

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