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Osmundastrum cinnamomeum

Cinnamon fern is a lovely specimen which thrives in moist to wet soil, and prefers shaded areas. The silvery green fronds appear in early spring as fiddleheads (not known to be edible) and quickly unfurl in a vase shape.


The fertile, spore-bearing fronds spike up the middle, and quickly turn brown, which is where the common name of “cinnamon fern” comes from. The outer fronds are sterile, and splay outwards forming that vase shape. This fern is of moderate size and spread, reaching 2-4 feet in height, taller in ideal conditions.

Osmundastrum cinnamomeum (Cinnamon fern)

  • details

    SIZE AND POT INFORMATION: More details coming in May
    type: fern
    sun needs: part sun to shade
    water needs: average to wet
    height: 2-4'
    plant spacing: 3' distance
  • good plant companions

    Packera aurea, lobelia siphilitica.

  • special notes

    deer resistant (please note that does not mean deer proof)