Wooden Surface

Osmunda regalis

Strong but delicate looking upright bright green fronds are a unique texture and make Royal fern a fabulous addition to any part-shade to shady, moist area.


This species is a tall dramatic fern, that sets itself apart from other ferns!  Osmunda regalis does not mind standing water so is also a great addition to a bog or pond area.


Royal Fern is an important host plant for moth larvae (caterpillars), including Osmunda Borer Moth (Papaipema speciosissima).


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Osmunda regalis (Royal fern)

  • details

    SIZE: 2 quart pot
    type: fern
    sun needs: part-shade to shade
    water needs: wet to moist soils is ideal. Tolerates average soil.
    height: 3-6'
    plant spacing: 36"
  • good plant companions

    cinnamon fern, winterberry, chokeberry, steeplebush

  • special notes

    deer resistant (please note that does not mean deer proof)