Wooden Surface

Elymus virginicus

Virginia Wild Rye is a cool season, clumping grass that has graceful, tufted seed head. This grass does well in light shade, making it the perfect edition to a wooded edge and useful for erosion control for streambanks and hillsides


Elymus virginicus is a feeder plant for many different insects, including native leaf miner moths and beetles, as well as serving as the host plant for several species of skipper moths. The sharp edges of the seeds deter deer, and care should be taken to keep this plant away from pet areas. These same seed heads are often collected and dried to add to floral arrangements.


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Elymus virginicus (Virginia wild rye)

  • details

    SIZE: 1/2 quart pot
    type: grass
    sun needs: Full sun to shade
    water needs: average to wet
    height: 2-4'
    plant spacing: 1/sq ft
    bloom time: July
    bloom color: green
  • good plant companions

    Early sunflower, Liatris, Bee balm, Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Indian Grass, and Switch Grass

  • special notes

    deer resistant (please note that does not mean deer proof)