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Betula papyrifera

Paper Birch is an iconic native tree that thrives along sandy lakesides and streams. Identifiable by the peeling white bark, the Paper birch has a rich history in the cool New England climate. Native people used strips of thee bark to cover hewn canoes, the sap for medicinal purposes, and the wood is used for a variety of household items like clothespins and broom handles.


This fast-growing tree can grow between 1-2 feet a year, and does well in full sun and acidic, loamy soils. While the Paper Birch prefers average-moist soil, it can tolerate some drought as well. It is a tall tree, so should be planted well away from structures.


Along with four season beauty, the Birch hosts an astonishing 393 species of lepidoptera, and the winged seeds are enjoyed by local songbirds. If you have a lot of deer in the area, be prepared to see a lot of activity around Birch trees, as they will eat a considerable amount of birch leaves in the fall.




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Betula papyrifera (Paper birch)

  • details

    type: tree
    sun needs: part sun/part shade to full sun. Leaves in sun, base in shade is ideal.
    water needs: wet, moist to average
    height: 60-80'
    plant spacing: 20' distance
    bloom time: June, July, August
    bloom color: yellow