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Betula lenta

Also known as Sweet Birch, Black Birch, or Cherry Birch, this deciduous tree reaches a mature height of 40-50 feet in full sun. While most trees are prized for their foliage, the Sweet Birch has a gorgeous red-brown bark to complement the yellow fall foliage.


Along with providing excellent shade, the birch is also an ecological prize, serving as a host to 393 documented species of butterflies and moths, including the Green Comma (which isn’t green!)


This tree prefers moist soil and isn’t terribly drought resistant, so thoughtful placement is imperative.


Fun Fact: The Sweet Birch bark was crushed and the oil used to flavor candy and medicine, and the sap used to make birch beer. Yum!




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Betula lenta (Sweet birch)

  • details

    SIZE: 2 gallon pot
    type: tree
    sun needs: full sun, part sun/part shade, shade
    water needs: average, moist
    height: 40-50'
    plant spacing: 6' distance
    bloom time: June, July, August
    bloom color: yellow
  • special notes

    Edible parts: Twigs for tea, and sap can be cooked down like syrup. Note: research well first as some reports have been shared of oil toxicity.  
    salt tolerant. Some salt exposure should not be fatal to the plant but some leaf burning may still occur.  
    deer resistant (please note that does not mean deer proof)