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Asarum canadense

Ah, Wild Ginger. This is a funny little plant that most people would pass right by without a second glance.


A fantastic ground cover for shade gardens, beneath trees, or lining a woodland path, this little plant likes moist soil so be sure to keep that in mind when deciding where to plant.


Wild ginger is low growing, has lovely green heart-shaped leaves, and while it does produce very unique flowers, they grow underneath the foliage and become a fun surprise when you part the leaves. The unique flowers are belived to be pollinated by non-flying insects as they lay flat on the ground.


Wild ginger is said to be edible, but it isn’t the same as culinary ginger, and apparently has quite a kick to it. While we would recommend sticking to the culinary ginger unless you research this species well, there is a detailed write-up here if you are looking to explore its usage.


Source: grown from seed originally from Minnesota. Prairie Moon Nursery.

Second source: divisons from garden plants with a long history in Plymouth county. 

If you have a preference of provenance please email us.

Asarum canadense (Wild ginger)

  • details


    More details coming in May

    type: herbaceous perennial
    sun needs: part sun/part shade, shade
    water needs: average, moist
    height: 4-8"
    plant spacing: 2/sq ft
    bloom time: April, May, June
    bloom color: brown, red
  • good plant companions

    bloodroot, trilium, wild leek, hepatica, columbine, Dutchman's breeches, and maidenhair fern

  • special notes

    deer resistant (please note that does not mean deer proof)




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