Wooden Surface

64 pages, 6" x 9" booklet

Published by Wild Seed Project of Maine


"For those wanting to make positive environmental change, this guide demonstrates the why, what, and how of planting native trees to rewild our landscapes.

Planted around homes and businesses, in parks and public open spaces, along city streets and highway margins, and even in parking lot islands, native trees offer countless benefits beyond their four-season beauty — purifying air, shading and cooling in hot weather, storing atmospheric carbon, minimizing flooding and stormwater runoff, and helping to sustain vital pollinators, birds, and other wildlife.

Offering readers an ecological lens on local landscapes, this guide helps inspire thriving and impactful plantings in yards, neighborhoods and communities.

What’s Inside:

  • Details on 31 stunning and stalwart native tree species for urban, suburban and rural landscapes of the Northeast
  • Expert advice on buying organically grown, genetically diverse and budget-friendly native trees
  • Guidance on growing native trees from seed
  • Examples of community tree-planting in action
  • Suggestions for forest-inspired native plant combinations to use in landscaping
  • Recommended native street trees"

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guidebook: Native Trees for Northeast Landscapes