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A women-owned native plant nursery, and garden center, focused on increasing accessibility and knowledge of native plants in New England.

376 Washington Street, rear lot
Norwell, Massachusetts

October 1, 2021 update :)


This spring (2021) we followed our passion and opened our nursery to the public. We have been overwhelmed with the support and wonderful enthusiasm from our customers.  We started from the literal ground up and made the best of our available space.  We made it work! However, we quickly realized that in order to to meet demand, we need to move to the next level of production, and for that we need to have a heated greenhouse on the property.  


The demand for native plants in this area is both huge and has been largely unfulfilled. Our customer base has grown exponentially, and we have had multiple requests to grow our plant offerings in the next year.  We have the opportunity to lease more land in the same location and we want to greatly expand the quantity of species and number of plants we offer. To do this we need to build a heated greenhouse and that's where you come in! 

The property we are leasing already has the base of a greenhouse, and we are using that footprint to install a new 30'x72' greenhouse. We believe strongly in making environmentally sustainable choices wherever possible throughout our business. We are investigating the installation of renewable energy sources, use of recycled materials, and using the most energy efficient materials we are able to afford. We are asking for help in funding the bulk of the purchase of the greenhouse set-up. We are facing a few different obstacles in this endeavor. The supply chains for these products have been disrupted, and while we are sourcing our greenhouse from a relatively local company (CT), there is still at least a 6 week lead time before we could potentially have the greenhouse installed. This leads us to the next big obstacle...Mother Nature. She's already shown us that she's not messing around (hello, rainiest summer in history!) We need to get the plastic ON the greenhouse before snowfall, and ideally a heck of a lot sooner than that! If we are unable to get the greenhouse up in time, our Spring offerings will have to be scaled back dramatically. The cost of the greenhouse is $27,900, see the Indiegogo campaign for a breakdown of that number.

Our supporters have been outstanding this year, and we are looking forward to many years of bringing native plants and education to the area. In return for your financial support, we have cooked up some fun rewards. We appreciate every single dollar given, and promise to use this greenhouse to grow many thousands of native plants for many years to come. Take a look at our offerings, from a personalized thank you, an opportunity to be an early-bird shopper in the Spring, kid's birthday parties, to a personal wreath-making class with your closest pals (we promise to make it a night to remember!) 

We invite you to join us on this adventure, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. 

Kristen, Jasmin, and Britt

A photo of what
we aim to build: