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Tiarella cordifolia

Also known as Heartleaf foamflower, this perennial is perfect for shaded areas where you need a fast spreading native after you’ve removed invasive species like Garlic Mustard. These plants send out runners, much like a strawberry plant, and can cover a larger area relatively quickly.


Tiarella cordifolia thrives in moist soil, perfect for a humusy woodland edge. The foliage is bright green and delicate flower spikes appear in the Spring. The small white flowers have long stamens, which account for its common name as the blooms appear “foamy” from a distance.

Tiarella cordifolia (Heartleaf foamflower)

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  • details

    size 1 quart pot
    type: herbaceous perennial
    sun needs: shade to part shade
    water needs: average to moist soil
    height: 1'
    plant spacing: 1/sq ft
    bloom time: May, June
    bloom color: white, pink
  • good plant companions

    Bloodroot, violets, trillium, false Solomons seal, Jack-in-the- pulpit, beautiful with Pennsylvania sedge if your garden is not too moist.

  • special notes

    deer resistant (please note that does not mean deer proof)