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Quercus rubra

There aren’t many people that wouldn’t recognize the noble Northern red oak. Renowned for the beautiful and strong red toned wood used for centuries in furniture-making and flooring, this sturdy oak has an equally (or perhaps more) valuable role in the environment.


The tall, straight trunk supports a wide canopy, making this tree an equally popular shade and street tree. Tolerant of drought, salt, dry soil, juglone, and pollution, this tree is able to grow in innumerable locations, which is why it is one of the most common deciduous trees found in New England.


Wildlife of all kind make use of Quercus rubra, from nesting in trunks, eating the acorns, and using the leaves as a larval host, supporting over 400 species of Lepidoptera. Red Oak is a relatively fast-growing tree, adding on average 2 feet in height every year for the first 10 years. Plan ahead taking into account the wide canopy and proximity to structures.


ECO-TYPE: grown from seed collected in New Hampshire. Started by New Hampshire State Forest Nursery.


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Quercus rubra (Northern red oak)

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  • details


    2 gallon pot

    type: tree
    sun needs: full sun
    water needs: average
    height: 50'-75'
    plant spacing: space 8'-18' apart
    bloom time: March, April, May
    bloom color: green
  • special notes

    Edible parts: acorns but they need to be processed prior to using, and are more work than Quercus alba.
    salt tolerant. Some salt exposure should not be fatal to the plant but some leaf burning may still occur.