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Monarda punctata

Spotted beebalm, or horsemint, has the coolest foliage of all the Monarda. Narrow purple-tinted leaves branch out from the purple stems, and the flowers that do blossom are a cream-purple color with spots.


The scent is slightly different from other Monarda in that it is reminiscent of oregano. M. punctata grows slightly shorter than it’s cousins, between 1-2 feet tall.


These plants grow well in sandy soils, and are considered to be short-lived perennials. This means you should expect to see these go dormant for a year or so, and if allowed to reseed, will reappear. The garden is ever-changing!


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Monarda punctata (Spotted bee balm)

  • details


    1/2 quart pot

    type: short-lived perennial (but self sows readily)
    sun needs: full sun, part sun/part shade
    water needs: dry, average
    height: 2'
    plant spacing: 1 per square foot
    bloom time: July, August, September
    bloom color: purple, pink
  • good plant companions

    Asters, butterflyweed, black-eyed Susan, foxglove beardtongue, little bluestem

  • special notes

    deer resistant (please note that does not mean deer proof)
    salt tolerant. Some salt exposure should not be fatal to the plant but some leaf burning may still occur.