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Meadow Mix
Most native seeds need winter in order to unlock germination but we've put together a native wildflower meadow mix that is ready to sow any time of the year!

  1. This seed mix covers about 25 square feet

  2. Prefers full sun to part sun and average to dry soil (once established)

  3. Includes mostly perennials (recurring every year) with the exception of one annual (grows and flowers one year only but its seed will produce new plants)

  4. Seeds included:


There are many ways to go about sowing seeds, some easier than others. It can be hard to identity what is the seedling you sowed and what was already in your soil as a weed seed...unless you know what to look for...or just don't mind a few weeds mixed in. Here are some sowing ideas that might work for you:

  • Throw the seeds in an area you want and just hope for the best! Water daily for a few weeks, unless it rains. You'll get a mix of the wildflower seeds growing and some weeds that were already there. But if that's ok with you...that's ok! 

  • Weed an area well (but don't disturb the soil much!). Mix the seeds into a bucket of new (bagged) soil so there aren't any weed seeds like there would be in your garden soil. Sprinkle around the area you want to sow. Water daily for a few weeks, unless it rains. By not tilling the soil underneath you aren't exposing old weed seeds that hang out in our soils.

  • Make small pockets of meadow. By sowing small areas densely you can control those areas and over time you can let those well tended areas grow larger and larger. Water daily for a few weeks, unless it rains.

  • Sow the seeds in pots in new soil so you know what you are growing. Water daily for a few weeks, unless it rains. You can transplant the seedlings into your garden.

Enjoy! Thanks for choosing native plants!