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What to Plant:
Berries for Birds

There are many ways that native plants can attract feathered friends to your landscape. We've compiled a list of native plants that provide food for birds in the form of fruit or berries; offering fruit in your landscape across the seasons contributes essential nutrition and energy for health, breeding, and migration. Bonus: Did you know that native birds will eat the native berries in your yards then (um) "deposit" seeds in the woods nearby, thus creating even more vegetation that supports your local ecosystem. (This is a GREAT thing if it's a native plant and NOT a good thing if it's a non-native plant.)


Important side note: If you want to read more about how most baby birds are raised on insects you can read more about that here.  Spoiler: Plant native.

(photo of a Blackburnian warbler by Paul Hurtado)

Further Reading

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