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Rain Garden Kit

Full sun to part sun • Wet to moist soil/rain garden

We've done the research and work for you and have put together a thoughtful kit of 18 plants for your rain garden or area with moist soil. These plants will thrive in full sun to part sun.


Rain Gardens are an aesthetic and environmentally responsible way to manage stormwater runoff. Native plants, especially chosen for their ability to manage occasional deluges, filter the potentially polluted water that sheets off roofs, driveways, and other impervious surfaces, rather than allowing the water to enter the storm drains. The deep root systems filter out pollutants and return clean water to the water table, protecting the delicate systems of streams and other waterways.


These gardens can be filled with ecologically valuable plants that support pollinators and provide habitat for wildlife. Ideally situated in a shallow, low-lying area offset from any structures, in full to part sun, and not in an area that holds water for longer than 24 hours. If that is the case, additional drainage mechanisms should be added to the garden.


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Rain Garden/Moist Soil kit