Wooden Surface

These fabulous Monarch stickers are created by artist Daisy Hebb in Cambridge, MA. 


From Daisy: “I wanted a beautiful sticker that would reflect what's in my heart and brings me joy. I'm glad to share it with you for your laptop, phone, a window, water bottle, or wherever it pleases you. Make sure to clean and dry the surface you stick it to thoroughly. They're 3 inches x 4 inches and printed on a vinyl so they can withstand some water exposure. I expect it's NOT dishwasher/microwave stable.

"Monarchs are completely dependent on milkweed to lay their eggs on and feed the caterpillars when they hatch. The caterpillars can only eat milkweed leaves or they'll die. No milkweed - no monarchs. Fortunately, there are about 70 species of milkweed in the United States and some of them are robust growers, such as the common milkweed on the sticker, and they just need our help in letting them grow - not mowing or spraying them. Made in the USA."


Grab one for your waterbottle!

Monarch butterfly sticker