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Monarch plant kit

KIT #1: Average to moist soil • Sun to part sun

KIT #2: Average to dry soil • Sun to part sun

We've done the research and work for you and have put together a thoughtful kit of 18 plants for your visiting pollinators. These plants will thrive in full sun to part sun, and don't mind average to dry soil.




Bring home this pre-planned garden of 18 carefully selected plants. These plants support the life of the beautiful, and at-risk, Monarch:

  • Milkweeds support the Monarch caterpillar as plants in this genus are the only plants Monarch caterpillars can eat and therefore are imperative for their survival.
  • Once the Monarch caterpillar has emerged from its chrysalis (cocoon) they will find wonderful nectar plants in this small garden. These plants will give a long period of blooms, blooming well into autumn to support the adult Monarch, the butterfly, before their long flight south.


The plants in this kit will add beauty and texture to your garden with muliple heights, foliage, and bloom time. They will fill approximately 18 square feet in your yard. Buy multiple kits to expand this size. The kit comes complete with a planting plan and more information about the beloved Monarch butterfly.


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Monarch plant kits