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Hummingbird Plant Kit


18 plants in 4" pots. Plant details coming soon.


Hummingbirds are delightful creatures, zipping around at amazing speeds, hovering mid-air, and displaying some of the most beautiful shimmering colorations. These tiny, native birds average 3-5 inches in length, and even the largest weighs less than an ounce!


Hummingbirds mainly feed on insects and use nectar to help support their incredibly high metabolism. Most hummingbirds have long, thin beaks that are capable of opening wide to capture flying insects and pick spiders out of webs, and they have long tongues capable of slipping into tubular blossoms to sip the nectar.


Many people hang feeders to support hummingbirds, but care must be taken to not only provide the proper levels of nutrition, but also to prevent easily transmissible fungal infections. It has, and always will be, better to use native plants to serve these magnificent birds.


This plant kit contains flowering plants that provide high quality nectar sources while also supporting the insects which are the largest part of the hummingbird diet. Thankfully, some of the most stunning native plants that support hummingbirds also appeal to our human aesthetic.


This kit will fill approximately 18 square feet. It includes a planting plan and detailed information about the plants. For a cohesive design, repeat the kit multiple times in the yard. 


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Hummingbird plant kit