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Hellstrip kit

Hellstrip. What an unfortunate…though apt…name for a strip of land. This term may well be one of our colloquialisms here in New England, I don’t see it spoken of anywhere else! Hellstrips, for the uninformed, are the small strips of land directly abutting the road, often sitting between the sidewalk and roadway, barraged with salt and debris, heated from the reflection of the sun off asphalt, and oftentimes dry as the Sahara.


The area often needs to be walkable, can’t block the view of drivers, and usually has some sad clumps of grass and hard-packed sandy soil. We might be crazy for even trying, but we believe this section of land deserves some love! This kit contains plants known to be tough as nails, and able to take quite a bit of agitation, all while providing valuable habitat and food for wildlife.


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Hellstrip plant kit