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Why Native

The in's and outs of native plants in the landscape

Our cornerstone presentation introduces native plants and explains the benefits adding native plants to our landscape can bring. We give tangible advice on how to add native plants to your landscape along with suggestions on what to plant to replace problematic ornamentals.

Save the Bees

Native plants for native pollinators

There are myriad differences between the well-known honeybees and our native bee species. This presentation focuses on the honeybee and our native bumblebees. From nesting to foraging, these species differ in just about every way! Learn how to build habitat that best supports our native bee species.

Ms. Fix-it

Mother Nature's solutions for everyday landscaping issues

Mother Nature is the ultimate DIY-er. Following her lead, we can fix many of the issues that plague us as landowners. This presentation gives tangible advice for fixing a lot of problems we face in our yards, either with water (too much or not enough!), poor soil, unwanted pests, trouble spots, and regeneration of depleted areas.

Plants and Pollinators

Bring on the bugs!

Plants and Pollinators gets more specific about the species of insects you might see when you add certain plants to your landscape. We discuss the different ways insects interact with plants and use them for habitat. The focus is often on bees and butterflies, but we introduce other pollinators such as ants, wasps, and other organisms.

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